Tracking progress

The Accelerated Reader Scheme

We use Accelerated Reader at Hazlegrove. It is a powerful tool for monitoring and managing independent reading practice, motivating pupils to read for pleasure.

Pupils take a Star Test on an iPad, and this is a 34 question multiple choice test which measures: phonics and word recognition, inflectional endings/affixes, fluency, inference and evidence, craft and structure, point of view, word meaning, connotation, figurative language, modes of representation, analysis and comparison, compare and contrast, argumentation, language, vocabulary acquisition and use, word relationships, structural analysis, context, antonyms, multiple meaning words, synonyms and figures of speech.

From the result of a pupil’s Star Test, they are given a reading range and are asked to read books within that range. We have a huge selection of books in each range. When a pupil finishes a book, they take a quiz about that book on an iPad and from the result of this, we can see comprehension levels and can monitor and offer assistance where necessary.

Accelerated Reader is a wonderful system that allows the English Teacher, Tutor and Librarian to closely monitor in fine detail the reading progress of each pupil.

Accelerated reader

Keep track of your child’s reading progress

When a pupil takes a reading quiz, the result is automatically emailed to their Tutor and their English Teacher. If they have a Learning Support teacher or an English as a Foreign Language teacher, the result is emailed to them too.

We can also set up parents to receive this service called Home Connect.

If you would like to be set up for this service, please email Mrs Keeping.

Home Connect is great. You can see the books your child has read, look at how well they have done in their reading quizzes and watch their progression towards reading targets.

Keeping track of progress