Spring Book Fair

Our spring book fair has arrived this week and lots of interested children are flocking to Fitzjames Hub to browse the brilliant selection of books. As always thank you for supporting this. It makes a huge difference with the commission we make giving us extra books for our libraries.  

Terrific Reading Continues

Millionaires are coming in their droves – we are up to 36 with another 6 not far behind and out of these we have 4 double millionaires and over 108 million words read. Not long to go now for our’ Millionaires Lunch’ on Friday 7th December. Congratulations to our ‘Doubles’

Another Book Fair Success

Another great success from our first Book Fair of the school year.  In total we achieved sales of £2,182 which means we get over £1300 in commission from Scholastic. So lots of new books for the library.   Thank you to all of you who supported this.  Great achievement and the children just love a book fair.