Our Libraries

Hazlegrove has three wonderful libraries, filled to overflowing with books. Each Library is warm and inviting with bean bags to sit on, magazines and newspapers to read, and packed full of book posters on the walls and ever changing current topical factual displays. Results from our regular Writing Competitions are also displayed in the Library. The Prep School Library is very popular and is generally full of children who have come in to read or do their prep.

Each class in the Prep School has a library lesson once a week, and this is a fine opportunity for us to ensure that each child has a book they are enjoying, and for them to catch up on any book quizzes.

We have a fantastic selection of books in all our libraries. The children are very good at recommending books to each other, and our Librarian, Mrs Keeping is always on hand to offer assistance if a child doesn’t know what to read. The choice of books we have is huge, and there is something for everyone.

Every day after lunch break, we have a 15 minute reading period in tutor groups and we also encourage children to read before they go to sleep in the evening.

Hazlegrove Libraries