Book Clubs

We have three Book Clubs at Hazlegrove:

  • Junior Jabberwockies – Year 3 and Year 4
  • Middle Muggles – Year 5 and Year 6
  • Senior Spitfires – Year 7 and Year 8

Our Book Clubs were set up to encourage the children to read books that would challenge them. The children don’t have to join and read every single book, but just join if they like the look of an individual book. We let Parents know, in plenty of time, which books we will be reading so that they can buy and read the books to see if they think the book is suitable for their child before they let their child read it themselves. The books are chosen by Mr Edwards, our Head of English and Director of Studies.

Our Picnic Review Meetings are always great fun and very much looked forward to. Please note:

  • pupils can choose to join a club for each individual book
  • please buy your own copy of the book
  • each Book Club will meet on a specified date to discuss the book and enjoy a picnic in the Library

Our local bookshop has very kindly arranged a 10% discount on any book bought for the Hazlegrove Book Clubs.

Bailey Hill Bookshop
Fore Street
Castle Cary

01963 350 917