Squiffling Reading Continues

As we approach half term our Fantasy Fiction competition is getting hotter and hotter. Classes have been working together to reach that top place on the leader board. A big well done to 6P2 (Hunters) who retain their lead at the top of the league but watch out – 3M (Time-Travellers) are within touching distance.

The knockout cup is running alongside and we are now down to just five teams. Congratulations to 3M (Time-Travellers), 5A (Emperors), 6P1 (Magicians), 6P3 (Vampires) and 7P3 (Pirates) who are now through to the Group stages.

So far this term in just 6 weeks we have 5 millionaires and have read over 65 million words.  A big ‘Squiffling Wondercrump’ to Olivia N-A, Freddie H-H, Ludo C, Nathan Z and William F.


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