Another Great Year of Reading

It has been another tremendous year of reading at Hazlegrove.  This term alone the children have read over 75 million words and taken 2500 quizzes.  This added to our overall total for the school year made a whopping 332 million words and 10,000 quizzes taken.

Our champion class this year is 6K who have read between them 45 million words and have taken 713 quizzes. Within 6K we have three champion boys Ludo , Jasper and Freddie who have each read over 6 million words – in Roald Dahl style is truly ‘Scrumdiddlyumptious.

Our top three girls have read over 4 million words each – May and Olivia from Year 5 and Amelia from Year 8.  Terrific reading girls.

We look forward to starting all over again in September and a place in our prestigious Millionaires’ club.


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