Final Results of Fantasy Fiction

As we go into the Easter break we have had a very exciting term with our Fantasy Fiction .  With two competitions running side by side all fighting for the League and Knockout Cups.  All classes have relished in reading and quizzing and rushing to the library every Wednesday afternoon to check on their results.

Congratulations go to 6K who have become our champions of the league and take home the League Cup.  They held the lead right from the start and it was proving very difficult to catch them as each week they extended their lead further and further.  Tremendous reading by the whole of class 6K with almost 14 million words read this term.  Special mention to Jasper G who has read over 2 million in just one (short) term.

Our knockout champions this time go to 8S.  In the final they were drawn against the tremendous 4D who have managed to stay in all the way to the final but sadly lost out to the ever so mighty 8S.  But, what an achievement for the Lower School.  4D completed 376 quizzes and read 5,124,750 words. – Amazing!!

Throughout the term the school completed over 3100 quizzes and read a whopping 105 million words.


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