Reading is Thriving at Hazlegrove

Reading is thriving this term with our Fantasy Fiction League competition well under way.  It encourages classes to work together and read as much as they can as the more quizzes they take the higher up the league table they go.  We are into week 4 of the league and 6K (Emperors) have dominated the lead position right from the start but this week they must have taken their finger off the pulse because 3B (Astronauts) have shot into the lead by having a tremendous week beating all their peers.

A humongous well done to Alfie L who has read over a million words this term already which has certainly helped his fellow Astronauts.

Our other Fantasy Fiction stars are Jasper G, Freddie H-H and Ludo C for The Emperors and Olivia N-A for The Magicians who have also all become millionaires this term.

We are also running alongside the fantasy fiction knockout competition working in the same format but classes go head to head with a class they have been drawn against and the winner of that particular week goes through to the next round.

Two cups are up for grabs at the end of the term –  The League Cup and The Knockout Cup..    Who’s it going to be??


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