Fantasy Fiction League Winners and Knockout Challenge Winners Announced

We have had a hugely exciting time with Fantasy Fiction this term. All classes have relished in reading and quizzing and rushing to the library every Wednesday afternoon to check on their results.

Congratulations go to 7S who have become our champions of the league and take home the League cup. Well done 7S.  Throughout the term the school completed almost 3000 quizzes and read 92 million words !!

Our Knockout Champions this time go to  5B  who have been terrific and knocked out some super hard teams along the way. In the final they were drawn against 6K who were tight on their heels throughout the week with the lead changing every day. However, 5B managed to hold on and take the cup. Throughout the whole of the term completed 200 quizzes and read 8 million words.

A special mention must go to 3B who have been absolutely fabulous all the way through and finished 3rd in the league and reached the semi-finals in the knockout round.  In total 3B have read over 5 million words this term which is phenomenal for the lower school.  Well done 3B you have been amazing.



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