World Book Day and Fantasy Fiction

To celebrate World Book Day and to celebrate 30 years of Where’s Wally we have Wally-watchers who have set off on a hunt to find 20 Wallys hidden throughout the school. The first two were found already by 8.30!!  Congratulations to Ellie M and Fraser M who were the first finders and each received a Where’s Wally book together with a Where’s Wally certificate.

The latest on Fantasy Fiction as we go into Exeat weekend – through to the Group stage are: 3B Code-Breakers, 4T Emperors, 5B Bodyguards, 6K Magicians, 7P1 Wizards and 7S Bogeymen.

Clinging onto 1st place in the league is 7S Bogeymen who are just ahead of 7P1 Wizards and just behind them in 3rd place is 3M Astronauts.  Terrific stuff from our Lower school.  Well done chaps.

Where's Wally Hunt (5)


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