Fantasy Fiction is getting ‘sizzlingly hot’

Fantasy Fiction is getting ‘sizzlingly hot’ with 3M proving they are just as enthusiastic about reading as the older children, they are currently in 3rd place at the half term point only just behind 7S. 

A humongous well done to Emily H who has read over a million words which has certainly helped her fellow Astronauts.  Taking the lead spot at present are The Wizards (7P1) but can they go all the way?

 Our other Fantasy Fiction Stars are Daisy P for The Hunters and George V for The Wizards who also have both become millionaires this term.

 A special mention must go to Diego Z in 7P1 who has taken 30 quizzes this term and has passed 19 of them with 100% which is remarkable, especially as English isn’t his first language. Well done Diego, we are so proud of you.



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