Double author visit a resounding success!

Quote from Kate O’Hearn – “Thank you for inviting us to your amazing school and thank you for your hospitality and generosity. We all had a wonderful time and your students did you proud.”

Quote from Helen Dennis – “We had such a lovely time with you all. The pupils were wonderful and it is great to hear they enjoyed it!”

We welcomed Pegasus and Valkyrie author, Kate O’Hearn and Secret Breakers and River of Ink author, Helen Dennis to Hazlegrove on Thursday 17 November for a whistle-stop evening of Greek and Norse myths,  code-breaking and thrilling adventure. The evening absolutely whizzed by charged with the energy of Kate and Helen. We all had a lovely time listening to anecdotes and tying to work out codes.

Some quotes from the children:

Alexina – It was interesting to find out how to actually crack the codes.

Freddie – I liked the way Kate got her ideas for stories from eBay!

James – It was great to meet the authors of some of my favourite books.

Archie – The code-breaking was fun it was really nice to meet Kate and Helen.

Amelia – These are my favourite books and to meet Helen and Kate was awesome. I still can’t quite believe I met them!


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